Our quick release buckle

We're in the process of transitioning to the handy 'quick release' buckle which will make putting on our shoes every day quicker and easier, particularly for those who have disabilities that make bending or threading the strap through the traditional buckle challenging. 

Why change?
Our goal is to make vintage style comfortable and easy to wear, but with an ankle strap it was always going to be a little bit tedious to put on and take off everyday. So to make things more convenient, we discovered the quick release buckle which we found to be a fantastic time saver as well as beneficial for those who have disabilities.

Will my stock have this new buckle?
We're still in the process of transitioning over, so most of the Classic Flats 2019-20 will have the old traditional buckle, while the rest will have the new Quick Release buckle.

How does it work?
  1. Slip the strap out so you have the strap + buckle
  2. Adjust the buckle to the position you require (i.e. the hole you would normally thread through)
  3. Put your feet in the shoe as you normally would
  4. Pull the strap over the foot and slide the strap over the latch hook so the buckle is on the outside 

Watch our quick tutorial below to see how to use it.